International Celebrities

Snoop Dogg performs in Dubai dressed in Toby

Snoop Dogg from the Here Comes the King Music video all dressed in Toby

The Master of the Shoe Universe Christian Louboutin dressed in Toby

Eli Mizrahi at the Golden Globes with Bella Thorn

Eli Mizrahi

Elie Mizrahi wears Toby at the Harpers Bazaar even in NYC

Eli Mizrahi

Regional Celebrities

Qusai Don Legend dressed in Toby for his music video

Hamza dressed in Toby for his music video

Esther Quick wears Toby Femme at the Citizen K Arabia launch (Dubai)

Joelle Maridien wears Toby Femme

Tarad Sindy wears a toby Jacket

Ghalia Mahmoudi wears Toby Femme