Toby by Hatem Alakeel is the embodiment of when the beloved traditional meets the modern contemporary in perfect harmony.

Toby meaning "My Thobe" in Arabic is a simple & straight forward name with a cool western sounding feel. The name is a symbolic metaphor for unrivaled personal individuality. Toby by Hatem Alakeel is trendy, fun & unconventional with strong international appeal. Its message bridges cultures & continents regardless of nationality, language, race & creed.

The King Thobes, Saudi designer Hatem Alakeel, whose collection is worn by international celebrities, was awarded in 2013 by Esquire Middle East as the best regional designer for his innovative and stylish men’s collection.


The Professional line is sharp, trendy and simple thobes made for the sophisticated and successful businessmen. The Classic Line is traditional, smart & perfectly tailored thobes. The Trend Line is an incorporation of the latest international hip fashion trends in a thobe. The Bohemian Line is contemporary with embroidered accents. The Sport Line is a cool with an elegant twist.

العلامة التّجاريّة

تقدّم مجموعة توبي لحاتم العقيل مزيجًا متناغمًا من الأسلوب التّقليديّ والأسلوب الحديث المعاصر.

توبي أي "ثوبي" باللّغة العربيّة، هي كلمة بسيطة ذات وقعٍ غربيٍّ معاصر وهي كناية عن شخصيّة فرديّة لا تُضاهى. تُعتبر هذه المجموعة لعقيل حاتم عصريّة، وممتعة وغير تقليديّة مع لمسة عالميّة. تمدُّ هذه المجموعة جسورًا ما بين الثّقافات والقارّات بغضّ الطّرف عن الجنسيّة أو اللّغة أو العرق أو العقيدة.

نال ملك الأثواب، المصمّم السّعوديّ حاتم العقيل عام 2013 جائزة من قبل "Esquire Middle East" كأفضل مصمّم أزياء إقليميّ لمجموعته الرّجّاليّة المبتكرة والأنيقة، هذه المجموعة التي يرتديها كبار المشاهير العالميّين.

أثواب توبي

تُعتبر المجموعة المهنيّة حادّة، وعصريّة وبسيطة وصُمّمت لرجال الأعمال النّاجحين والأنيقين. أمّا المجموعة الكلاسيكيّة فهي تقليديّة وأنيقة وتتشكّل من أثواب صُمّمت بإتقان. فيما تضمّ مجموعة الموضة أحدث صرعات الأزياء العالميّة. ومن جهة أخرى، تقدّم المجموعة البوهيميّة أزياء معاصرة يتداخل فيها التّطريز. وأخيرًا، تتميّز المجموعة الرّياضيّة بأزياءٍ عصريّة مع لمسة أناقة.


Toby Junior, a new line for children and babies, aged 4 months or older.

Now the young "men" in the world can dress as stylish and trendy as their fashion-forward fathers. With a complete collection that includes thobes, shirts and vests. Toby Junior is providing a luxurious alternative to the traditional uniform of the Gulf.

The Toby Junior line was made with the comfort of the client in mind, and therefore, only the highest quality fabrics are used in every TJ creation. Whether in flawless shantung or our delicate denim & Italian cotton blend, a TJ thobe stands out as a garment of sophisticated style with a fun edge. And with a collection of children-sized versions of our most popular styles by the Toby by Hatem Alakeel adult line, the TJ line provides a unique way to show your family. The matching thobe collection, "Father & Son," also includes bespoke customization.

Hatem Alakeel has been hailed a design genius, dubbed the Middle Eastern Tom Ford, crowned THE KING OF THOBES, heralded as Fashion's Man of PEACE & now debuts as FILM MAKER.

Toby by Hatem Alakeel is the brainchild of Saudi Arabian designer & entrepreneur Hatem Alakeel. His designs have embraced the true essence & spirit of fashion and the label has captured the Zeitgeist of our times & catapolted the beloved thobe onto the international fashion radars all over the globe from the onset of this truly innovative & inspiring label on the the Middle Eastern markets.

Toby specialises in men's traditional robes and shirts, yet there is nothing traditional about these highly crafted fashion items. While retaining the established feel of the classic thobe, Toby by Hatem Alakeel aims to create highly individual and stunningly tailored lines from the best materials on the international market.

Toby by Hatem Alakeel's exciting approach to traditional wear fuses modern, traditional and international elements with many fun surprises creating his unique signature look which are the hallmarks of the brand which his audience have come to love, expect, await and applaud.

Toby by Hatem Alakeel represents the true epitome of fashion fusion and the man behind the vision has taken the traditional thobe to newer greater heights.


Growing up between Europe, The United States & Saudi Arabia, Hatem Alakeel gained unrivaled fashion experience on an international scale by working with & advising some of the world's most prestigious global brands. Hatem has designed for such global icons as Mattel's Barbie, Evian, Toyota, Fairmont, Rosewood and the Raffles Groups to name just a few.

His singular dynamic aesthetic vision, keen artistic eye for detail & immaculately executed designs have propelled Toby by Hatem Alakeel to the fashion forefront after the resounding success of his first collection's debut at Dubai Fashion Week in 2008.

Jil Sander & Tom Ford have emulated Toby by Hatem Alakeel's creative & innovative East Meets West concept which has become the definitive benchmark for traditional fashion with a modern twist.

Today, Toby by Hatem Alakeel's fashion shows have become much anticipated events by the public & media alike.

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